Shame and an Energy Smart Culture …

I have often said that another clear example of a tipping point would come when people would become ashamed of being energy hogs, of pursuing an abusively wasteful energy lifestyle.  When people would not want to leave a light on outside all night out of concern from ‘what the neighbors might say’ …

Well, this looks like this might be starting to be the case … and technology is playing a role.

Haringey in the Uk has developed a “Home Heat Loss” program.  As part of that, they have paid for an aerial thermal survey which they overlaid with a local map to quickly identify what homes are energy efficient and which, well, not … (the interactive map).  Quick basically, the bluer the house, the more efficient it is.  The redder … well burning hot in terms of power losses.

The sole aim of the project is to assist residents with properly insulating their properties. Therefore please ensure that you read the associated pages on energy efficiency and the grant assistance that may be available to you. 

Note that they are serious in terms of trying to foster savings, with links to discussion of energy efficiency and grant assistance instructions. 

Have to say, this is the sort of thing an Energy Smart culture would do … and something that is an excellent element of plans to Energize America.

Tip of the hat to Jetson Green.


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