Gay Marriage more important than Global Warming … polling suggests

American Environics recently conducted a poll on American’s “Energy Attitudes” which has good news and, well, bad news to contemplate.


Well, the good news:

  • Voters believe global warming is real — 82 percent that it exists, 70 percent causing problems, 70 percent Gov’t should do more to solve it …
  • “Strongly favor investment in new energy technologies”

Well, that is a lot of good news.  Some trouble:

  •  Global Warming a low priority issue: less important than Gay Marriage.
  • Energy independence more important than Global Warming
  • “Very sensitive to cost of gasoline and electricity”
  • “support new environmental regulations but fear they will have negative economic consequences”

What is terrifying about this poll is that 69% of Americans, upfront, state that they would look past differences on environmental issues when making decisions about voting.  Even “self-proclaimed environmentalists” rate Gay Marriage, Abortion, and Illegal Immigration as more core in voting decisions.

As per Treehugger

It is beyond depressing; notwithstanding all of our blogging, writing, movie making and politicking, the inconvenient truth is that we are getting nowhere.

Now, the one saving grace in response is that this polling is ‘dated’, with much of it going back to 2006 and little of it in recent weeks.   Much change has occurred in this nation over this time.  Yet, sadly, the core conclusions seem unlikely to shift if one could take a poll this second. …


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