Skylight to Searchlight …

Within a small (SMALL) addition, the new laundry, horror of horrors, windowless.  Off on the search for a natural light solution, from glass along one wall to a skylight. One-by-one, these solutions fell by the wayside as I contemplated the evil of needing to burn electricity and pump carbon dioxide every time emptying the washing machine fell to me. 

The power of the internet and a solution fell into my lap:  a light tube.  About a quarter the cost of a skylight, more convenient for the space, environmentally friendly (well insulated, reduce electricity use), and with an added benefit. A light kit inside that allows this to be a light at night.

In they went and, well, even on a cloudy day the results were beyond expectations.  A small, 10-inch tube, and the laundry room never needs a light on during the day.  Every visitor to the house gets their tour of the laundry, wondering why I insist on closing the door on us in the laundry room as I excitedly talk about how wonderful they are.

 With an image out of Lost in Space, the domes of our three light tubes stick above the roof. And, well, it is near impossible to leave a light on all night by accident.   If the light tube works wonderful at reflecting sunlight into the house, it does just as good a job at reflecting light out. Thus, during the day, my interior spaces are brightened by the sun and, sadly, when the lights are required at night, my solar tube/light combinations form an effective searchlight, adding to the community’s light pollution.  Hmm … the world is complex … solve one problem and create another?


2 responses to “Skylight to Searchlight …

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  2. May we add that our company, Active Ventilation Products, produces a self-powered solar attic fan which has been approved for LEEDs points in New York State for energy efficient buildings. We also produce tubular skylights and even a skylight combined with a vent for natural indoor lighting and ventilation.

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