Eco wear … and some tech that goes into it

Generally, visitors here are into the technology, that high-end variation for creating a sustainable future and lessening humanity’s footprint on the earth.  Time to lighten up a little bit and realize that fashion is something to look to as well for that smaller footprint.

More durable products made from less damaging materials … Green clothing can make the designer real green.

Blake Hamster has a line of products out that strive to fill that space.

Hamster uses a blend of organic cotton with Seacell for his women’s clothing.


“The fabric of our women shirts is blended with Seacell, an innovative yarn which is giving off pleasant active agents to your skin while wearing the shirts. The moisturising, nursing, tightening and anti-inflammatory agents are already frequently used in cosmetics and medicine. Seacall was awarded the ecolabel of the European Union.”

Not sure that Hamster’s style quite defines me, but Seacall and the production process certainly sound of interest.  We should see ever more innovative approaches to clothing products in the coming years. Using algaes for clothing … perhaps that can be algae that has absorbed CO2 from a coal plant’s emissions?  Hmmm … now that would be an interesting path for carbon sequestration. 


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