Bizaare weather … around the globe

There is Just No Normal Weather Anymore, Anywhere. Global Warming is changing the Earth around us, almost in real time.  It is not the difference between the weather when I was a child (snow to my chest and all that), but between when I bought my home a decade ago and today. And, this is true for so many around the world.

There is a problem speaking of climate amid unusual weather patterns. No single weather incident proves or disproves Global Warming.  But, Global Warming Theory (not theory, but Scientific Theory) does suggest that we will see ever more ‘extreme’ weather and, perhaps, less long-term stability in weather patterns. (Patterns as, one could say, the transition between weather events and the longer term climate.)

What are we seeing around the world?

According to the Washington Post, Europe is facing a Summer of Wild, Wild Weather with fires, cold weather in Paris, heat waves killing people in SouthEast Europe, freezing temperatures killing climbers, massive flooding in England, … All of this part of

a string of bizarre, weather-related calamities to hit Europe this summer.

This is just weird weather. Nothing to do with, potentially, that pesky Global Warming thing. 

Now, again, no single weather event or even pattern proves or disproves Global Warming. But … perhaps mounting evidence in line with scientific understand merits at least mention.

Tens of millions fleeing flooding in Southeast Asia as they are over 20 days and nights into 40 days and nights of rain. Noah, SouthEast Asia is calling!

And, conditions are not improving.

Extreme monsoon rains, driven by La Nina conditions and warmer than normal oceans, have been devastating south Asia all summer. The Indian subcontinent has been hard hit.

Again, is the heat wave on the US East Coast, the bizarre weather in Europe, the massive flooding in Asia because of Global Warming? If anyone says “yes” with absolute certainly, well they don’t know what they are talking about.  If some says “no” emphatically, well they are truly uninformed and disingenous at best. These disruptive weather patterns and their intensity are in line with Scientific Theory related to Global Warming.

As per Increase in the Asian Southwest Monsoon During the Past Four Centuries from Science magazine, 2002 (as quoted by FishOutOfWater),

Climate reconstructions reveal unprecedented warming in the past century; however, little is known about trends in aspects such as the monsoon. We reconstructed the monsoon winds for the past 1000 years using fossil Globigerina bulloides abundance in box cores from the Arabian Sea and found that monsoon wind strength increased during the past four centuries as the Northern Hemisphere warmed. We infer that the observed link between Eurasian snow cover and the southwest monsoon persists on a centennial scale. Alternatively, the forcing implicated in the warming trend (volcanic aerosols, solar output, and greenhouse gases) may directly affect the monsoon. Either interpretation is consistent with the hypothesis that the southwest monsoon strength will increase during the coming century as greenhouse gas concentrations continue to rise and northern latitudes continue to warm.

Hmmm … what does it say? That Global Warming Theory says that the monsoon disaster that we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.  And, when it comes to ice, should we talk about the melting glaciers and the serious threat this portends for 100s of millions of people in the coming years.

The threat is real, it is not imminent, it is upon us.  Floods … Fires … Heat Waves across the Globe … What will it take to get us (US) to StepItUp to demand that the United States take real action to deal with Global Warming?


2 responses to “Bizaare weather … around the globe

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  2. it is undeniably the outcome of global warming, the earth cannot heal on it’s own, it needs our help. Let’s save earth before it sacrifices millions of us.
    Earth is a life system.

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