Want to be President? Energize America

To all the candidates for the Democratic Party Presidential nomination (the next President of the United States) and your staffs, the Energize America community urges you to join us in Chicago, Saturday morning, for the panel Energize America and Crashing the Hill.

If you are not aware of it, Energize America is a people-powered concept for moving to a prosperous and sustainable energy future.

Each of the candidates has energy plans and each talks to energy issues, but the campaigns (and the nation) would be well-served if they took a serious look at Energize America and its prospects for moving the nation forward.  

They might not agree with every element but, without a doubt, it will have elements that they would wish to embrace.

For those at Yearly Kos, consider what energy question you would like to ask each Presidential candidate.  Whose breakout session will you be going to Saturday afternoon?  What do you plan to ask each candidate?

Here are some potential questions for the six candidates that I am aware of who will be at Yearly Kos Saturday afternoon:

Senator Edwards:  It is often said in regards to energy that those who most need efficiency, can’t afford it. And, those who can easily afford to pay upfront for efficient homes and cars can afford to be inefficient.  With your clear focus on the economic divide in the nation, what would you do to try to bridge the divide when it comes to establishing energy efficient life-styles for all Americans?

Senator Clinton:  When it comes to developing a sensible energy policy, people often state that things “cost too much”.  When one examines the issue, all too often the case is that, that “cost” is the cost to buy something (the purchase price) rather than the cost to own it.  In fact, due to energy savings, the cost to own could be much lower.  What would you do to transfer Government and individual approaches to energy issues to move thinking to cost to own rather than cost to buy?

Senator Obama:  As someone highly concerned about energy issues and Global Warming, what should I think of your stance on coal?  

Senator Dodd:  How do you see combining Energy Policy to get us (US) through Peak Oil and a policy that will adequately confront Global Warming challenges?  How urgent is Global Warming in your agenda?

Senator Gravel:  How urgent is Global Warming to you? How would you convince Americans to share that level of urgency and requirement for action? And, well, in local terms, how have Alaskans’ views of Global Warming changed in recent years from your perspective?

Governor Richardson:  Energy Revolution is an aggressive plan and concept.  While the Senate discussed (and did not pass) a 15 percent Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) for 2020 and the House is considering a 20% RPS for 2020, your plan calls for 30 percent.  And, you call for a 50 miles per gallon (mpg) CAFE standard by 2020. And … Well, many other aggressive concepts.  As this is so much more aggressive than other plans, why should voters view this as realistic?

To all candidates:  When it comes to Global Warming, every moment counts.  What would you do in your first 100 days in office that would change the nation’s path on energy issues?

To all candidates:  For a market economy to work, all the costs associated in a product must be accounted for.  How should we account for the environmental cost of greenhouse gas emissions in our economic markets? [credit to SmokeyMonkey in the comments]

To all candidates:  At the core, I believe that energy issues lie at the core of the ability to secure a decent future for my, your, our, all of America’s children.  What about your energy policies will convince me that you merit my support?

To all candidates:  Come January 2009, the White House and both chambers of Congress will be controlled by the Democratic Party.  The third branch, the Judiciary, will be overwhelmingly dominated by right-wind judges.  How do you think this will affect options for moving forward on energy and global warming issues?  What would you plan to do to deal with this potential source of roadblocks.

These are just a few questions, Kossacks, to ask Saturday afternoon.  If given the chance, what would you ask the candidates?

Ask yourself:  Are you doing
your part to


Are you ready
  to do your part?

Your voice can
… and will make a difference.

Be ready to speak.

And, at Yearly Kos, Saturday morning, just before the Presidential forum, Energize America will be discussed before hundreds of people. Just before the Presidential forum, a good percentage of your audience will have energy on the mind.

Why not join this discussion?  Come on in and add your voice to those seeking to Energize America for a better future.


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