Crashing the Hill: Energize America and Congress

Crashing the Hill … that is the title of the third section of the Energize America presentation come Saturday morning, 0915-1015, Yearly Kos.

Crashing the Hill … has been a learning experience for the Energize America team and community.

Actually, a learning process that continues … and will continue as we fight for a prosperous and sustainable energy future.

We have been engaged … and will continue to be engaged … with members of Congress on the development of innovative energy concepts and legislation.

TODAY  This afternoon, in a few hours, one of those Representatives, a key one, will post a diary on Daily Kos related to Energize America.  Join that diary discussion to learn news about what we can look forward to in the coming months.


ACTION ITEM Call your Representative, NOW!  Urge them to vote for the Renewable Electricity Standard (RES)/Renewable Portfolion Standard (RPS) of 20% by 2020.  This is CRITICALLY IMPORTANT.  You can use Congress.ORG as a tool for connecting with them.  Need more explanation, see Act NOW to change America: Brag about it at YK07 … which discusses RPS/RES.  There will be a RPS/RES amendment offered … and a 20% by 2020 would help the nation move toward a sustainable energy future.


Three members of the Energize Americateam will examine the challenges that we face in energy and global warming; the development of an innovative, holistic, and realistic energy plan for a prosperous and sustainable future via the blogosphere; the roller coaster ride of bringing these concepts into the halls of policy-making; and, outlining a way forward.

Joining this panel will be a member of Congress.  A Representative who is truly top-notch on a range of issues (not least of all energy) and who is a participant in this community.  

Saturday morning, 0915-1015, 4 August 2007, Energize America: From Concepts to Action.

The Energize America team will be represented by:

  • Jerome a Paris is the founder of  (Freedom-Fry loving Jerome a la campagne)EuroTribune, guest editor at Oil Drum, a long-time specialist in energy issues and one of the globe’s top financiers of wind projects.  Jerome, one of the strongest voices within the Daily Kos community, was one of the key players in the path that led to the development of the Energize America plan.  Jerome will speak to the crises we face and using the blogosphere to develop a policy plan.
  • DoLittleSoThere who has been a critical player in seeing Energize America move from concerns to packaged concepts. His actions have been, mainly, behind the scenes, with innovative concepts throughout the process that have consistently strengthened every effort that has gone on.  DoLittleSoThere will speak to the Energize America 20-point plan presented at YK2006 and the Voyage From Las Vegas to DC.
  • A Siegel has been a player in the Energize America plan from its early days, engaged heavily in the drafting of the 2006 plan. He has been playing a central role in organizing the team, propagating the message, and seeking a path toward moving from concepts to legislative action. He will speak to Energize America In the Halls of Congress and outline steps for a path forward toward a sustainable and prosperous energy future.
  • Congressman Earl Blumenauer (D-OR-3) is is a member of the Ways and Means, Budget and Select Committees. He has authored and co-sponsored legislation to preserve and protect public lands, shift the nation’s energy policy towards renewable energy and energy efficiency, curb global warming and clean our nation’s water bodies, among many others. Prior to sentencing to Time in DC, he played a key role in moving Portland toward a sustianable path. (And, well, Earl blogs here at Daily Kos (suprising UID: Rep Earl Blumenaurer). He, I am told, has consistently read every single posting to his diaries and he, clearly, engages within the diaries.) Earl will talk about … well … that I can’t say.  I will be listening as closely as you come Saturday morning.

The Energize America team will have announcements Saturday morning … we hope that you will be there to hear them.

Ask yourself:  Are you doing
your part to


Are you ready
  to do your part?

Your voice can
… and will make a difference.

Be ready to speak.

Friday afternoon, a related discussion Using the Blogosphere to Develop Policy will focus on lessons identified not just from Energize America, but from other efforts. Note — discussion means that, participation desired …


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