“This is the last time I will speak with you …”: w/Action Item

No, this is not a GBCW diary …

But words from one of the latest Greenpeace advertisements on Global Warming. Take the 1 minute and 43 seconds to watch this with me.

NOTE UPDATE at end of diary — ask the next President a question on Global Warming.

This, for me, is a powerful statement from Greenpeace.  

My activism (from Energize America to The Climate Project to …) is driven, at the core, by looking children in the face and knowing that, if things continue BAU (Business as Usual), they will not a life like I have been privileged to live to now.  

That today’s young (and the unborn) will see nature films shot today decades from now and will not be able to count the species that have died.  

We must work — hard — in seeking a decent future for your, my, our children.

This is most painful when, pausing when hugging one of my children, I reflect on these challenges amid what should be a joyful moment with that child looking me in the face.

Here is a powerful — in my face — statement that Greenpeace delivers to all of us.

Not surprisingly, Greenpeace is engaged (even militantly) when it comes to Global Warming.  This message is part of that engagement.

Re Greenpeace & energy — on my Energy Bookshelf for months has been Energy [R]evolution, a concept for an energy future that is one of the best packaged, globally considered (with regional studies) energy concepts that I have seen come out.  

The energy [r]evolution is an independently produced report that provides a practical blueprint for how to half global CO2 emissions, while allowing for an increase in energy consumption by 2050. By dividing the world into 10 regions, with a global summary, it explains how existing energy technologies can be applied in more efficient ways. It demonstrates how a ‘business as usual’ scenario, based on IEA’s World Energy Outlook projections, is not an option for environmental, economic and security of supply reasons.

While well-packaged and with some excellent material, the Energy [R]evolution sells short the boy in Greenpeace’s ad.  50% by 2050 is, well, not sufficient.  But, that discussion is for another time.
Energy Smart
No, this is not a GBCW diary but a SBCT2W one — it is time to Stop Being Cruel To The World …

Ask yourself:  Are you doing your part to ENERGIZE AMERICA?


  • For more, on Youtube, Greenpeace Video.
  • Consider joining the new, improved Daily Kos Environmentalists community / listserve.
  • Are you coming to Yearly Kos?  There will be an EA2020 panel Saturday morning along with a session on using the blogsphere for policy development. And, an Energize America tour of Green Chicago Sunday afternoon (we hope)
  • And … of course, ENERGIZE AMERICA.
  • Crossposted from Daily Kos.


Did not, I guess, expect this diary to get this traction and, well, I failed to think this through.  From my diary, Energy Bookshelf: Warming Stories (small annotated bibliography re some recent Global Warming books), here is an action item to consider:


In reaction to my post to his diary: Frameshop: Got A Question For Our Next President?, Jeffrey Feldman posted this comment

I would love to see a whole series of diaries on the global climate crisis over the next two weeks–with the scope of narrowing in on a few really great questions.

Action item:

What Climate Crisis question would you like asked of the Democratic Party Presidential Candidates at the forum at Yearly Kos?


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