Five MW wind turbines going up …

Here are a few tidbits from a photo diary over at Eurotribune, 5MW with location picture, that shows the construction of a 5 mw wind turbine.

For information and photos, check out Talisman


 The background data:

 The Turbines are in a water depth off approximately 45 meters
– The size of key components include:
  — Sub sea jacket height (including transition piece) – 70 meters
  — Piles – 44 meters below sea bed level
  — Tower height – 59 meters
     — Giving an overall hub-height of 87 meters above sea level
  — Rotor blade length – 61.5 meters (Giving an overall height from subsea to rotor blade tip, of 234.5 meters)
– Total weight:
  – Rotor blades and hub – 125 tonnes (blades are 17.5 tonnes each)
  – Turbine – 305 tonnes
  – Tower – 225 tonnes
  – Subsea jacket and associated equipment – 760 tonnes
  – Piles (4) – 120 tonnes each
– Power Produced – 5 mega watts for each turbine, giving a total of 10 mega watts for the Demonstrator Project.



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