Three-wheeling our way toward a better tomorrow …

Should we be surprised that out Denmark, nation of windpower and bicycles (18 percent of trips by bicycle), comes an excellent approach to parental (and shopper) bicycling?  The trioBike provides real options for the biking parent. This carrier bike can carry two children (up to 180 lbs) and the carrier can be separated so that it is a bike and/or a stroller. 

As they tag line it

“trioBike is the worlds first carrierbike, bike, and pushchair in one.”

This is a top-notch bicycle, with 7-speed gears,  an internal shifting hub (pretty durable, no maintenance). And the design looks to work well, with the front wheel stowing behind the carrier when in three-wheel mode.

Now, truth be told, we could consider this a “gadget”.  After all, it costs from about $200 up for a trailer that can be converted to a stroller (or even a jogger).  Thus, is the $2000+ for a trioBike really necessary … still, this “gadget” is a sign of good things to come in the biking world. (And, well, how many parents might prefer to have their children where they can see them?) Integrated packages that consider lifestyles and requirements might get even more people onto bikes and out of cars … might … and, it doesn’t hurt that this has, as per Treehugger’s review, a wow factor in styling terms.

By the way, if the push isn’t enough, you can always add a bike trailer to really work your legs and move lots of stuff around. (Perhaps the combo works for taking the kids, a picnic, and sports gear to the park … as for me, I’d pack some beers, because I’d need one after that workout …)

But, the real question some might ask, what would James say?  The trioBike definitely has some design cool. Being able to separate the bike from the carrier so elegantly provides that hidden getaway option. And, well, James might take note of Mom.  But, on the other hand, a bike pushing the kids?  007 will only let us give it two jetpacks …



4 responses to “Three-wheeling our way toward a better tomorrow …

  1. Doug Snodgrass

    “What would James say” is a quote almost worthy of its own religion. I think that you were a bit generous with the jetpacks on this one though A.S. 1…maybe 1.25 at most.

  2. As a dad and a guy who thinks alot about maybe, just maybe getting his butt off the couch, off the laptop and out on a bike, this is very cool. But 2 friggin G’s! I was in Denmark a while back and I paid 5 euros for a pastry, so I guess I’m not surprised. Maybe Cheney could ride li’l Bushie around in one.

  3. Steve Caratzas

    “Stroller, baby stroller.”

    This would have been a great device to have back when my kids were little. Getting some biking in while carting them around might well have reversed the sloth and inertia that resulted, proving nearly impossible to shake lo these many years later.

    The price, as noted by KGrandia above, is indeed steep, but with dollar to Euro conversion remember to add an arm and a leg.

    Question: Do the trioBike’s specs indicate whether an ejection seat comes standard? Such an inclusion might raise the JetPack rating somewhat.

  4. Doug Snodgrass

    I wondered about the ejection seat as well, but didn’t want to even go there…

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