LOREMO — Energy COOL transportation

Around the globe, there seems to be a renaissance in automobile design with (I hope, with fingers crossed) ever more attention to energy efficiency and environmental responsibility along with pure stylistic beauty.  The Loremo (Low Resistance, Mobile) is one of those highly efficient beautiful vehicles that we can hope (cross your fingers too) will start gracing the roads …

The LOREMO is a super efficient vehicle, with the two-cylinder version claimed at 188 miles per gallon.  There are three principle features driving that mileage performance:

  • The aerodynamics … so clear by its sleek design
  • Weight reduction — under 1000 pounds for the vehicle
  • Reduced “performance” — the 2-cyclinder engine goes 0-60 in 20 seconds (e.g., performance in terms of ‘fun’/mileage comes at the expense of acceleration/engine power — okay, so maybe Americans would demand the 3 cyclinder version, which still gets over 100 mpg)

 As for weight reduction, Loremo lays out what should be a core principle for all car design:  think of the “captive balloon”.

Loremo is based on the principle of a captive balloon: Whoever sheds ballast, will pick up speed.The sensational fuel consumption of only 1.5 litres / 100 km is due to the reduction of weight and air resistance. Remembering what is essential does mean to reduce parts and material as well as to merge functions and, in doing so, also to reduce costs.

Shedding ballast … light-weighting is a core path toward Winning the Oil Endgame (as per the Hypercar, as well).  From Loremo’s Philosophy discussion …

 It’s a simple idea: Weight and air resistance are decisive for fuel consumption of vehicles. Reducing these factors will reduce consumption. And the more you reduce the more efficient you will drive.
Lightness instead of mass: a principle which has proven reliable for generations in the fields of sports.

Truly, what LOREMO is doing is asking the question — what do you want?

To remember what is essential means to gain new freedom. To get safely from A to B as cost-efficient as possible: That’s clever! Because you can save more money to spend it on leisure, holidays, food, life.

A car is also a symbol for status and emotion. Whoever drives a Loremo, will self-confidently show his responsibility for the environment while enjoying agility and the pleasure of driving”

As to the pleasure of driving …

The LOREMO has many “007 cool” features, such as the opening hatch … which takes the steering wheel with it and, according to LOREMO, contributes to its safety.  To me, the two-cyclinder Loremo merits at least three jetpacks — amazing looking, great gas mileage, love the weight reduction, but 20 seconds for 0-60? James, well, James would be caught dead in a car with that sort of acceleration.


For this, I would probably also award three jetpacks to the similiar looking Daihatsu UFE III, which is:

  • Hybrid
  • 970 pounds
  • 170 mpg

Personally, I prefer LOREMO’s look, but read Daihatsu’s description of the UFE III:

The techno-futuristic body styling has a streamlined super aerodynamic shape. While its pointed LED headlamps and canopy door create a next-generation impression, the bold window styling extending to the middle of the roof and smoothly contoured body surfaces contribute to a richly expressive presence. The interior theme is high-tech with a human touch, providing comfort for three in a compact, futuristic space. Operational convenience is outstanding, thanks to steer-by-wire technology and placement of controls for easy access by the driver. To assist getting in and off, the instrument panel and front seat move up and down in linkage with the canopy door.

The Daihatsu, however, looks to be just a concept car and not headed into production.

So, the Daihatsu and conventional LOREMO both get their three jetpacks … do we stop there?

Actually, well, no.

Loremo is looking into hybrid and electric versions … These would have higher power, relative to the diesel engine (solving that acceleration issue?). Note, for the electric, they express a specific German concern:

We are also working with external partners to explore the options for an electric Loremo, however, at the current state of the generation of renewable energy, a large number of electric cars would prevent the boom in solar power from bringing down the number of coal or nuclear power stations. 

and, as for the hybrid concept, “with an electrical range of 6 to 12 miles the hybrid Loremo could be driven into city centres that are banned for cars with internal combustion engines.” Now, if that is a plug-in hybrid at 12 miles (preferably more), that truly extends the mileage per gallon of liquid fuel.

A Plug-In, Hybrid, Bio-Diesel LOREMO … now that rates five JetPacks and certainly is iPod Energy COOL!



3 responses to “LOREMO — Energy COOL transportation

  1. I used the currency converter. For the SE model, 10.990 EUR = $14,8291 USD. I am shocked. It’s affordable!! You don’t suppose anyone wants to market the thing to us Yanks, do you?

  2. Doug Snodgrass

    Thanks for doing the legwork on this Alycia, good info.

    I’m also glad to see that the JetPack rating is gaining a foothold at the Ecotality Blog. To my talented colleague Bill Hobbs I must say that I believe it’s now up to you to move the JetPack forward.

  3. Steve Caratzas

    Whoa! Five JetPacks?! The LOREMO has “can’t miss” written all over it. Definitely iPod cool.

    Nice report, A!

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