Low-Carb Gurus: low-carbon that is …

CNBC Europe has a list of Top 50 Low-Carbon Pioneers in Europe.

Some on the list include

  • Investments firms. Actually, the first on the list (Low Carbon Accelerator) is an investment firm with a very interesting
  • Multi-faceted companies like Acciona, the Spanish firm with a motto of “pioneers in development and sustainability”.  On their front page, they have a ticker as to tons of CO2 emissions avoided: 1,810,609 to date and 92,182 tons this week.  Acciona Windpower is investing in the United States, with its first wind turbine manufacturing facility under construction in Iowa, with a plans for this to be producing before the end of the year. It will produce 250 AW-1500 (1.5 mw) wind turbines in 2008.
  •  On this list is Sterecycle, “a waste management company specialising in advanced systems for the treatment and recycling of municipal wastes.” They claim that their system can recover/recycle up to 80% of domestic waste more efficiently than other systems.
  • Tailing up the list of 50 low-carbon firms is  is Windsave, a (surprise surprise) wind-turbine company building micro-turbines for the home/small use marketspace.

And, well the list of 50 is interesting and worth consideration …


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