Voting the Environment …

Bit-by-bit, explicit efforts to prioritize environmental issues — with committed voters — are emerging for the 2008 election. Here are two:

  • The Heat is On from the League of Conservation Voters for “Making Global Warming a Presidential Priority”
  • Climate Voters “united for a cooler future” (brand new on the web … your chance to be one of the first 5000 pledging)

The Heat is On seeks to educate voters — most notably in early primary states — about Global Warming and encourage voters to ask candidates questions. “Where do the candidates stand on global warming? Just ask them…” The Heat is On has Ten question every presidential candidate needs to answer:

1. Scientists say that if we don’t make significant reductions in our global warming emissions within the next decade, the impacts will be catastrophic and irreversible. How much of a priority is global warming in your campaign? 

2. In order to address the growing threat of global warming, scientists tell us that we need to reduce global warming emissions by an average of two percent each year through the middle of the century – achieving 80 percent reductions by 2050. Do you have a plan to meet these or other targets?

3. The new energy economy is already emerging globally, but the U.S. is outsourcing many of these opportunities to other countries. For example, the U.S. currently imports 60-70 percent of the wind turbines operating in the country. What will you do to make the U.S. a leader in developing the new energy economy?

4. Ten of the biggest corporations, including BP, Duke Energy and GE, have endorsed establishing a national cap on carbon emissions, which they believe will provide industry the long-term certainty that they need to develop new technologies. What is your position on a national cap?

5. Studies have shown that increasing fuel efficiency to 40 mpg would save three million barrels per day-the single biggest step to reducing our dependence on oil. What is your plan to boost the fuel efficiency of America’s vehicles?

6. More than 20 states have passed renewable electricity standards requiring that a certain percentage of their electricity is generated from renewables. Several have set a standard of 20 percent by 2020. What, if any, target do you support for a national renewable electricity standard?

7. Utilities currently planning to build 150 new conventional coal-fired power plants. Studies show that if these plants are built, they would significantly increase global warming emissions. What is your plan to limit emissions from new coal plants?

8. With growing concern about global warming, the nuclear power industry is looking to build new plants. developing new plants will add to our existing nuclear waste problem. do you believe that nuclear power should be a part of addressing global warming and how would you propose to deal with the waste issue?

9. Studies show that using coal as a fuel (liquid coal) in our cars will double global warming emissions. Do you believe that developing liquid coal is consistent with a commitment to solving global warming?

10. If you were elected President, what would you plan to accomplish on this issue by the end of your first term?

Now those are serious questions … meriting serious answer … and the answers merit attention before putting the vote into the ballot box.

Climate Voters looks to be a brand new group, seeking to have voters prioritize Global Warming to “Become a Climate Voter”. The pledge:

The climate crisis is the most serious environmental, economic, national security, and moral challenge of our time. Avoiding its most catastrophic consequences requires immediate reductions in global warming pollution and significant reductions by 2050. Our next President and Congress must lead the country and the world in rising to this challenge. To ensure they do, I pledge to use my vote to support bold and immediate action to solve the climate crisis and move America in a new direction. This election, I am a climate voter.

As they gently state the issue: The Future is at Stake-Put Your Vote On the Line!


One response to “Voting the Environment …

  1. Be careful… the environment will suffer most if you elect a bunch of green-speak commies.

    The economy is more important to the environment than all the recent enviromental hysteria combined.

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