London, Tokyo flooded … in Second Life …

Okay, perhaps I live a bit too much in the virtual world, but I have yet to make the transition to having a Second Life (although some 5.2 million have done so).  Thus, I missed the momentous events as Global Warming effects swamped portions of the Second Life world.

As covered by National Geographic,

Tokyo, Amsterdam, and the entire Mediterranean island of Ibiza were inundated with floodwaters today due to rising sea levels brought on by global warming.

Or at least, that would have been the headline if events in the virtual world Second Life mirrored reality.

This came about due to the work of Adventure Ecology,

 AE is done in a fun, engaging way.  I love the line introducing Wheatgrass,

Sometimes it’s tempting to think, “Hey, how can I clean up the Planet when I can’t even keepmy room clean!” BUT, hisotry shows us that there is one thing that can turn global problems into global socutions. It’s people power.”

 Remember that this is about Second Life and AE’s trying to educate within that “world”. One reality, in the real world, from Second Life is that all the servers and computers of the 5.2 million burn through a lot of KwH and cause pollution. 

Together, people can reverse the damage that’s been wrought on planet Earth. People, consumers, the public, customers…call us what you will. Together our voice is loud and powerful. And making ourselves heard is going to be an adventure!

It’s the small actions, done by hundreds, thousands, even millions of people, that will make an astounding difference to the future of planet Earth. AE is not just happy with ripples, we want to create waves. Sound like a challenge? We think it sounds like fun.

Would you believe that Second Life avatars consume just a little less electricity than the world average for a person and as much as the average Brazilian because of the energy used by servers hosting the virtual world?

And, well, if you want to check out the game, see how much time you spend within it …


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