Business case for going green …

Sea Studios Foundation has just come out with a Ahead of the Curve: Business Responds to Climate Change. This 12-minute video looks at the situation related to energy and global warming … and how businesses are shifting to deal with them.

Far too many people see it as a win-lose game and it’s not that at all …

It can be a win-win game …”

Chad Holliday, CEO, Dupont

“Corporations that are looking at their bottom line … are achieving reductions in their greenhouse gases … showing that you can make money doing it.” William Reilly, former Director EPA

“We are at a tipping point in terms of the business community’s approach to this problem.” John Holdren, President, American Association for the Advancement of Science

What does this video point to? The ‘no regrets’ strategy of seeking profitable paths for reduced pollution (of all sorts, but especially greenhouse gases).

According to Brenda Davis, a Johnson & Johnson executive,

“Early on, many were skeptics … many questions were brought to the table … today, we have already reduced emissions, in absolute terms, by 11.5% in the same time frame our sales have increased 350%. … investments are saving the Corporation $30 million each year …

“Our conviction is that this is good for the long term, good for the business, good for the planet, ultimately of critical importance to human health, we think is being vindicated.”

Discussed, of course, is Walmart … “Its a revolution …”

“Wal-Mart’s probably the best example. Nobody’s better at reducing costs than Wal-mart … they’ve discovered a whole number of things that they can do to operate more cost effectively.

“The can improve the inflation on their trucks .. they can save moeny by how they design their stores … All of those things are there for the taking. “

DuPont is not a surprising voice in this discussion either. DuPont claims $3 billion in savings and is claiming a focus on delivering more climate friendly products to their customers. “We are finding our customers are demanding this from us.”

Environmentally smart business practices according to this video is simply smart business.

That message is not restricted to just a 12-minute video but is increasingly part of the discussion of business practices.

NOTE: Thanks to Geoff Dabelko at Grist for the tip.


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