Sustainable “Zoom Zoom” Zoom …

PremacyRemember those old Zoom … Zoom … Zoom ads?  Well, Mazda plans on making them a sustainable reality with their Sustainable Zoom-Zoom technology development vision. This includes plans to begin commercially leasing of the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid in 2008. The Premacy hybridPremacy will offer a hydrogen range of over 120 miles.  The target is an “all-new Hydrogen RE with dynamic performance equivalent to a 3.0-liter gasoline engine and a range of 400 km.”

Mazda’s vision:

“Mazda is committed to working towards a sustainable future that brings continued happiness and excitement to people in a global society, by developing vehicles that never fail to excite, visually capture the customer’s heart and provide a fun driving experience that keeps bringing them back to Mazda.”

Mazda’s “drive toward a sustainable global environment” will include development of lighter weight vehicles, hydrogen fuel technolgoies (“with particular emphasis on internal combustion engine applications, as part of the goal of realizing a hydrogen society in the future”), the introduction of the Smart Idling Stop System (SISS) into the Japanese market in 2009, clean-diesel technologies, etc …

Mazda asserts it style objective as:

Design cars that people will want to drive at first sight; that people will recognize as Mazda at first sight; and that connect with the tastes of families.

Zoom … zoom … zoom …


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