How hot can it be to go Green?

Games … Oscar awards … and, well, The Sun covers and Page 3 … that is starting to get hot. Well, those images are perhaps a little too hot for a respectable blog like Ecotality … but, if you choose to send your mouse that way, we can’t blame you …The Sun had its normal hot images to along with a series of articles and items about Global Warming and what individuals can do about it. Everything from taking bubble baths with your significant other(s) to what you can do on the road short of buying a new car to Sexy Ruth telling you, everything staring you in the face, about biking to work. Some eye-opening material when you read the articles …

Well, as Guy Adams of the Independent put it,

“If the green lobby is to work, it must be a broad church … if it can conquer Page Three it can probably conquer anything.”

Note: Thanks to Grist for the tip.


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