Warmest three month period in 128 years of record keeping

In January, Cherry Blossoms were starting to bloom in Washington, DC, people said “see, this is Global Warming”. And, well, a Denier reaction was “look at all the snow in Colorado”, that is total BS. Well, to be clear, both comments sets were wrong — wrong in the sense that Global Warming is about climate — not specific weather incidents. And wrong, since both weather patterns were absolutely within the parameters of what would to expect as Global Warming worsens.

Right now, the Eastern United States is suffering under a shockingly cold wave with some major snow just days after, for example, Washington, DC, was basking in 80 degree weather. This cold shock comes as it is reported that Dec 2006-February 2007 were the hottest global temperatures for this three-month period in the historical record.

Well, no specific weather event or even three-month period proves Global Warming, but aren’t you seeing the pattern yet? Breaking record after record, virtually year after year … Has any year in the past 20 been the coldest in recorded history? And, how many have been hottest? Only to have the record broken later?

Remember that we’re talking about the Globe here. Despite flowers in DC in January,

For the United States alone, the December 2006-February 2007 winter season had an overall temperature that was close to average, while December was the 11th warmest on record.

Again, the Globe … US was roughly average but that does not mean that Global temperatures were.

record warm January worldwide pushed average temperatures to 0.72C above normal for the 20th Century.

Lets remember, that is .72 centigrade or roughly 1.2 degrees Fahrenheit.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said it was the highest average temperature for the period since records began in 1880.

So, in 128 years of records … hottest period … hmmm … is there a trend here, or what?


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