Hoping Well and the Solar/Hydrogen Home

The Hopewell Project, appropriately in Hopewell, NJ, has developed a solar-powered home generating hydrogen to run the home when the sun isn’t shining. And, there is the hydrogen-fueled neighhorhood golf cart, the electric fuell-cell boat, … the vision for the future.

Plenty Magazine is starting to make it into the ‘worth checking every day’ folder as they merit the credit for the tip to the Hopewell project due to Linda Brown’s well written article.

Pushing boundaries in the name of renewable energy comes naturally to civil engineer Mike Strizki—he’s been doing it for years. But his latest project is a personal one: He’s creating the first solar hydrogen fuel-cell home in North America for his family.

His 3,000-square-foot, four-bedroom conventional modular house in Hopewell, New Jersey, runs on electricity generated by a garage roof covered with 56 solar panels. An electrolyzer takes any excess solar power and generates hydrogen from water stored in ten 1,000 gallon tanks. The summer sun produces 160% of his energy needs, providing power for heating, electricity, and cooking, as well as fuel for his hydrogen-run car and golf cart. He stores the extra hydrogen generated in the summer, tapping into it in winter when the sun only provides 60% of the energy the family requires.

Strizki is a pretty impressive character, a lot of experience, both technical and bureaucratic. That is combined with a passion and, well, an impressive (and HopeFul) vision.

He hopes (well) to create a path toward a home that can operate and support its residents (including basic transport) 100% off the grid, solely using renewable power, anywhere in the world, at affordable prices.

As for the Hopewell House,

In 2006, the first Solar-Hydrogen Residence was completed in Hopewell, New Jersey at the home of Mike Strizki. The home features an advanced solar-hydrogen system for hydrogen production and storage that is integrated into an existing solar and geothermal system, and provides for all of the home’s energy needs. The system also includes a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle refueling station.

Have to admit that Strizki/Hopewell certainly has an eye toward advertising. Not every project out there develops a combo solar/hydro fuel cell racing boat. Definitely something that makes iPod Energy Cool status.

In any event, how is this for a mission statement:

The solar hydrogen home:
getting an affordable, turnkey system market ready


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