Use Renewably Generated Energy, Efficienty (URGE²).

This is the core concept of David Roberts, which he calls a Unifed Green Field Theory.

As he summarized it at Grist,

Anyhoo, the four main things that fall out of URGE2 (imagine a metal-guitar power chord in the background every time you say it) are as follows:

  1. Mine negawatts, i.e., focus on efficiency.
  2. Electrify, i.e., shift all liquid-fuel uses over to electricity.
  3. Kill coal, i.e., coal is the enemy of the human race.
  4. Upgrade the grid, i.e., focus on energy storage and decentralization (this section was originally called “pimp my infrastructure,” but, uh, TP had better sense).

Roberts ideas are worth consideration … perhaps you might want to URGE² …


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