Oil profits blowing into Wind?

Knowing that there is no future in renewable energy, no profits to be made, two of the largest oil companies in the world have become big players in wind energy.   Shell Oil and BP (is it truly Beyond Petroleum?) are becoming real players in the wind energy field. Shell is in the top five of energy generated and BP plans to install about 1/6th of the total installations planned for the United States in 2007.



One response to “Oil profits blowing into Wind?

  1. No profit from renewables? I think Americans have kicked in tons.

    Alternatives for the Big Boys, Shell, and BP? What about us, the Americans; the creative, entrepreneurial ones? We have a stake in this. We are allowed to make big bucks now that the green light is on. Caution and red should not enter the picture, unless this creative push is just more propaganda.

    Hydro from all sources, wind, steam, solar, hydrolics, atom splitting, alchemy for nuclear waste, thermodynamics, and more not thought of, lay waiting for American creative juices.

    Let’s get going!

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