iPod Cool too??? The Naro …

We already know that the VentureOne is iPod Cool. For those who come to this discussion, interesting moves forward in energy related technologies and options can be truly iPod Cool.  So, the Naro looks to be iPod Cool as well …

NARO is a “free leaning” vehicle that has the dynamics of a motorcycle, yet the comforts of a conventional car.

Like the VentureOne, the Naro acts somewhat like a motorcycle. NARO is a fully enclosed, two-seat four-wheel vehicle with the banking action of a motorbike to prevent it tipping over when cornering. The vehicle has the footprint of a motorcycle. … Think about it for a moment, footprint of a motorcycle … talk about getting into a parking space or moving through traffic … but on four wheels?

Like the VentureOne, fuel mileage is estimated at 100 mpg.




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