Algae bio-diesel on the mind?

Well, we could simply overwhelm here if every single energy releated news item that we bumped into made it into these electrons.  But, there are tremendously interesting things going on in a huge range of domains.  Just discussed blogged a discussion of algae bio-diesel the other day and today I bump into PetroSun’s plans to test open cultivation of algae along the Gulf Coast.


From the press release:

“Alabama has taken the initial steps to lead the nation into the future of algaeculture for biodiesel and animal feedstock production,” said Gordon LeBlanc, Jr., CEO of PetroSun. “The Gulf Coast region of the United States could become the model for self sufficiency in renewable liquid transportation fuels.”

Independent studies have demonstrated that algae is capable of producing 30 times more oil per acre than the current crops now utilized for the production of biofuels. The algae biomass material could also supply annually up to 100,000 pounds of animal feed per acre with a 50% protein content.

Large production of bio-fuel while also producing animal feed.

They plan to test both open and closed systems.  Will the closed systems be linked to carbon emissions?

In any event, new developments are springing up almost hourly across all the exciting energy technologies. We must harvest these and make them mainstream in our quest for a sustainable and prosperous energy future.


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