Dressing “cool” for a Warmer World … Diesel …

Perhaps the name is right — Diesel, as in diesel fuel that is helping warm the world, has an aggressive and ever so hip ad campaign that shows us that living in a world suffering the havoc of Global Warming doesn’t, after all, need to mean that we won’t be fashionable.  After all, one of the great philosophers once said: “It doesn’t matter how you feel, it matters how you look … and you look marrrvelous, darrrling …

Great Wall of China

Now who wouldn’t want to be decked out like that when visiting the Great Wall of China?

So, for Global Warming, Diesel seems intent to make this case as well with their Stop Global Warming related ad campaign.

New York Flooded

 Love the watches … and am investing in office space on the 97th floor.

 The Presidents look on

As you can see, the world of tomorrow requires significant sun screen.  Note that two of the Presidents are averting their eyes and the other two, well, you be the judge.

While this effort is in tandem with Diesel’s promotion of StopGlobalWarming.org, one has to wonder about what its real impact might be. Grist‘s discussion shows the potential problem of this campaign: “And PS, y’all, if global warming is going to make people that hot, I’m all for it. Check out those … um … jeans.”  We know that this is a joke, it is Grist after all, but there are those who will react like that. Just like my friends who welcomed the flowers blossoming in early January in the DC area — “I hate the cool, I don’t care why its warm, I’m just happy it is.”

NOTE:  For a passionate discussion of this, see Daily Kos, which is where I first heard about.


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