Washington Post’s Schizophrenic Approach to Global Warming

When reading The Washington Post, one has to wonder at the extent of schizophrenia within its pages when it comes to the issue of Global Warming.  On the same day that it published Humans Faulted For Global Warming (an article on the IPCC report) on its front page, its letters to the editor included one from the Director of Energy and Global Warming Policy at the Competitive Enterprise Institute — one of the prime Global Warming skeptic organizations.  This letter, Bad Science Behind Al Gore’s ‘Truth’ is rhetorical and with little basis, from what this reader can see, in a reality-based analysis of the world’s situation and potential paths forward.


It opens: “Al Gore’s tireless efforts to promote global warming alarmism, backed by millions of dollars, have undoubtedly changed public opinion. However, this does not mean that truth and virtue are triumphing over falsehood and sin …”

With a few word changes, this becomes true:

“Al Gore’s Global Warming Deniers’ tireless efforts to promote foster global warming skepticism alarmism, backed by millions of dollars, have undoubtedly changed public opinion. However, this does not mean that truth and virtue are triumphing over falsehood and sin,”

Now, that reads like a truthful statement …

Now, in this letter, the author uses words like “best science available” and such, without providing any basis for his assertions.   This letter is, to put things in a polite sense, might represent truthiness for whom avoiding realities of Global Warming and our need for action is convenient (whether fiscally, politically, or emotionally), but it is neither true nor truthful.

This letter, especially published on the day after the IPCC report, represents the Post’s schizophrenia. Editorials clearly stating an understanding of Global Warming. Articles that, all too often, show mediocre understanding. OPEDs “balanced” between the 99+% consensus that Global Warming is real, is principally caused by man, and represents a real risk for the future.  And, a letters section that skews back and forth, with letters from skeptics and deniers appearing frequently.

Like all too many other news outlets, The Washington Post has a tendency to lead to false equivalency in its search for balance.  Some 5-10% Americans believe that the Apollo moon landings were Hollywood creations, with it all filmed in secret studios in the desert.  One has to wonder whether, when the Chinese or someone else again lands on the moon (or Mars), The Washington Post would give equal weight to these voices in a search for balance?  After all, their standing in reality-based analysis of science is just about that of Global Warming Skeptics / Deniers.


2 responses to “Washington Post’s Schizophrenic Approach to Global Warming

  1. Continuing the Schizophrenia, today’s OPED is titled simply “Global Warming” (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/02/04/AR2007020400953.html).

    It concludes:

    “The assessment’s value does not lie in its innovative approach to describing global climate change. On the contrary, because so many individuals and organizations signed on, the report’s strong language is virtually unassailable. Even the Bush administration hailed it, which makes the president’s continued neglect of the issue particularly troubling. Now that leaders in the United States and abroad have agreed on the basics of the problem and the seriousness of the consequences, sound policy — the likes of which President Bush continues to oppose — should follow.”

  2. Poor President Bush, responsible for all the woes of the world. Get a life you libs. Start looking at the maroon you put in the White House back in January. He is enough of a Socialist, (and what all you “progressives” need) to sign the UN treaty on AGW Climate Control. Al Gore reeks of mendacity, as do all the prominent “scientists” that have promoted this scam on America. Enough already. These liars belong in prison for all the billions they have raked in. When Obama goes to Copenhegan he will sign us into the New World Order, and it will be time for BOHICA, (military acronym for: Bend Over Here It Comes Again). You LIARS have been caught: over 1000 e-mails and over 3000 documents from your own hands, debunk the cooked up “facts” on which you rely.

    The level, extent, and shallowness of your arrogance is a sad spectacle to behold. Marty — why don’t you look for some truth on ClimateGate rather than spouting falsehoods.

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